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Graphic Designer
Children's Book Author
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PHONE: (626) 241-5747
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Tim works just outside of Los Angeles in Arcadia, CA. He has three kids and loves reading to them. Tim also loves food and coffee but not as much as reading to his kids. When Tim is not putting blue tape on everything you can find him cooking, building things out of 2x4's, fixing up old stuff until it qualifies as "junk", & riding his motorcycle.

Oh, Hello!

My name is Tim. I've been involved in graphic design of various stripes since 2003. I've been writing and creating goofy stories and worlds that make me and my kids smile for as long as I can remember. I have a completely healthy blue tape obsession, however, it's starting to make my sharpies and cardboard jealous. I like to fix up old stuff to make it work again. I have an extremely generous definition for "work again". Story is at the heart of pretty much everything I do. My style is simple, clean, and lo-fi. Also, blue tape. 

Email work queries to: tdscheidler@gmail.com

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